Letter from the President

Since the Foundation’s beginning in 2002, I have had the pleasure of working with a myriad of people from all walks of life around the world to make the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial a reality. Thanks to all the hard work of many, the opening of the Memorial in 2011 was a proud event for us all.

Since that proud day, millions of visitors to the Memorial have experienced the history of Dr. King’s legacy and been inspired by his lifelong example. The Foundation has sponsored educational and social events at The Memorial with great success. This website provides a historical perspective on the Memorial’s development and records those past events.

This website, however, is designed to be more than just a record of the past. It is a portal through which the Foundation can continue to reach out to one and all to advance Dr. King’s tenets of democracy, justice, hope, and love. It is a vehicle for sharing ideas and collaborating with you to advance Dr. King’s tenets. The Foundation will serve as a conduit between individuals and a network of like-minded leaders and groups to maintain the legacy enshrined in the Memorial.

I look forward to maintaining a vibrant relationship with you all to improve our democracy and advance the human condition with justice, hope, and love.



Harry E. Johnson, Sr.
President and CEO

P. S. We of course welcome you financial support as well! Thank you for your continued participation with the Foundation and support of the Memorial.