Wreath Laying

WASHINGTON, DC - The Memorial Foundation, Inc., the foundation responsible for building the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial on the National Mall is pleased to present an inspiring day of Reflection and Reconciliation at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. Dr. King’s Holiday will mark the Memorial’s tenth anniversary of paying tribute to Dr. King by having prayer and a wreath-laying ceremony.  We look forward to celebrating this free and public event to recognize Dr. King’s Holiday and a day of Reflection and Reconciliation. Social distance protocol will be followed.

Every January we meet at the Memorial to reflect on the life and legacy of Dr. King and this year is no exception. However, countless families are still hurting from the effects of the global pandemic. Realizing the need for dialog concerning Social Justice, we will gather this year under the theme of LOVE, said Harry E. Johnson, Sr., President and CEO, The Memorial Foundation.

On this day of Reflection and Reconciliation, we will highlight LOVE, one of the four tenets of democracy, justice, hope, and love.  We are pleased that The Memorial Foundation and some of its partners will be giving away gift cards for groceries, to those in attendance at the MLK Memorial. We will also be joined by Amazon, our new partner, to distribute Care Boxes to families who are in family shelters in and around Washington, DC.