Dream to Lead

Dream of Democracy. Dream of Justice. Dream of Hope. Dream of Love.

Program Overview

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Global Leadership Conference was developed to provide valuable interactive learning activities, inspiring presentations by high profile VIP’s, renowned civic and business leaders, as well as entertainment, and sports personalities. Throughout the conference, students will examine leadership principles advocated by Martin Luther King, Jr., and his contemporaries, through a challenging curriculum designed to build and enhance student’s leadership skill sets. While interacting with their peers, students will use their critical thinking skills to discover how to make meaningful change, not just within themselves, but also in their communities and the world around them.

During the conference students will also be given the tools to chart a clear path to become more effective in reaching their goals and fulfilling their dreams. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholars will be inspired to commit and dedicate their energies to things that matters most in life.  At the conclusion of the weekend, students will return home empowered, with a clear vision on how to  become leaders of their own lives, leaders in their communities, and leaders who make a difference. The Martin Luther King, Jr., Global Youth Leadership Conference will embark on an 8 city tour bringing valuable interactive learning activities to our youth leaders.



Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: The Martin Luther King Jr. Global Youth Leadership Conference:
April 20, 2024
9am - 2pm
University of the Bahamas

Benefits of Attending


Develop Leadership Skills


Gain Internship Opportunities


Receive Waived College Application Fees


Learn Team Building and Teamwork


Learn Optimal Time Management Skills


Strengthen Your Public Speaking Skills


Learn to Be Assertive and Self Confident


Hone Your Inter-Personal and Intra-Personal


Communication Skills


The Knowledge and Skills to Enact Change in Your Life and Your Community

Students Will Be Inspired To

- Become leaders of their own lives
- Achieve their goals
- Develop a deeper sense of self
- Define and live by their values
- Look for character-building opportunities
- Build their own self-confidence
- Develop a sense of purpose
- Become resilient in the face of failure and rejection
- Learn networking skills
- Attend college after meeting with our motivational speakers and the onsite College Fair Representatives

Featured Workshops Include

- Leadership 101 Building a Legacy and Social Capital
- Understanding the Importance of Coalition Building
- How to Pick a Career
- STEM Workshop and Entrepreneurship
- How to Brand, Communicate, and Market Yourself Through Social Media


September 17, 2021

AMAZON: Celebrating democracy, justice, hope, and love in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

September 17, 2021

AMAZON: Celebrating democracy, justice, hope, and love in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.